How To Work With Atlanta Postpartum

  1. Select a service from below. Atlanta Postpartum offers several services to support your postpartum season.

  2. Fill out the form under contact to receive a call back and see availability in your area for in home postpartum care or schedule another service.

  3. You will receive an email with a health history form, a release form, a link to check your insurance, and more information about Atlanta Postpartum.

Postpartum Package

The postpartum package includes 5 one hour at home appointments with comprehensive well care for mom and baby and a phone call to help prepare for Labor and Postpartum. $600

Extras to add to postpartum appointment:

  • 30 minute craniosacral therapy session. $40each session

  • Laser therapy for perineum and/or breast to support healing. $15 each session

  • Additional appointment (applies ONLY to postpartum package) for $70/ appointment up to 8 weeks postpartum.

Additional Services

Single postpartum visit for comprehensive well care of mom and baby. 1 hour $150

Craniosacral Therapy - soft touch therapy that supports healing during the postpartum season. 1 hour $75

Phone Consults

  • Planning Session to prepare for Labor and Postpartum. $50

  • Postpartum Phone Consult- get support in your postpartum season over the phone $99

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